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2018 Zero Point Wellness Program Launch

April 3, 2018 by Mika Lucio





Supporting the Healthy Lifestyles of Your Employees 


Implementing a company wellness program offers many benefits for both employers and employees. One of the obvious reasons for starting a wellness program is to increase morale among employees. Encouraging healthy lifestyles reduces stress and boosts employee productivity which is a plus for business owners, managers, and employees. Hectic work schedules and demanding careers can often place wellness at the bottom of your “todo list” which can have negative long-term effects such as increased health problems, numerous doctor visits and additional missed work.


Corporate wellness programs inspire employees to live healthier lives which in-turn reduces the costs of healthcare and lessens instances of absenteeism. Starting a wellness program may seem like a tremendous undertaking depending on the size of the organization however, if the program is implemented in an organized manner, managing it can be quite easy.


Last year, Zero Point introduced it’s very first employee wellness program. The program was customized to each individual participant who took on their own health-related challenges whether it was weight loss, walking more, smoking cessation, or running a marathon. The first year of the Zero Point Wellness Program was a success and while it proved to be a learning experience, participants who tracked their progress throughout the year eventually met their goals with plenty of incentives and a great deal of encouragement from the team. The year was divided up into four segments which started with a 30-day, 60-day and 90-day challenge. We finished out the year with a 6-month challenge. Upon completion of each challenge, a winner was selected and rewarded with a special prize from the company for meeting their goals.






Following the success of the 2017 Zero Point Wellness Program, the company decided to continue the challenge, making it an annual tradition promoting health, wellness and enjoyable competition. Having made a few adjustments to perfect the program, Zero Point kicked off the 2018 Wellness Program on April 1st. The program will consist of three ‘challenge periods’: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Participants will commit to a personal challenge of their choosing however, to stay in the game, everyone is required to submit monthly progress reports. The company has set up participation guidelines and perks for individuals who meet their personal goals.


Thinking of starting your own employee wellness program? Why not?! Follow our team’s progress for tips on how you can implement a similar program to support your employees in their pursuit to live healthier lives.


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