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  • 2018 Zero Point Wellness Program Launch

    Supporting the Healthy Lifestyles of Your Employees


    Implementing a company wellness program offers many benefits for both employers and employees. One of the obvious reasons for starting a wellness program is to increase morale among employees. Encouraging healthy lifestyles reduces stress and boosts employee productivity which is a plus for business owners, managers, and employees. Hectic work schedules and demanding careers can often place wellness at the bottom of your “todo list” which can have negative long-term effects such as increased health problems, numerous doctor visits and additional missed work.

  • ZP Wellness Pilot Program Officially Closed

    Congratulations to Our Nominees and the Winner


    by Stacy Sasnett



    The Wellness Pilot Program is officially closed and I’m super excited to announce the winner of a new pair of athletic shoes! It was a close call! The nominees included Jeff Smith, Kim Haymon, and Bud Fultz, they all accomplished their goal and are determined to DO IT and DO IT NOW! The winner took it by a close vote, she has been motivated, dedicated and serious about her goals. Congratulations Jennifer Ricketts! We are all proud of you!

  • Zero Point Wellness Program

    13 Days Later - Interactive and Focused


    by: Stacy Sasnett


    We are 13 days into the Pilot ZP Wellness Program and I’m happy to report that the participants I have interacted with remain focused. There are a total of 13 participants in three different states: VA, NC & NV. We have the perfectly diverse team to go through the pilot course, I’m confident we will pave the way for the rest of the year and especially the official launch of the ZPWP on Match 1, 2017.