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The Master Plan

September 21, 2015 by Stacy Sasnett


To get our strategic development juices flowing, we kicked off our week of corporate introspection by hosting a dinner and wine pairing at Zoes restaurant (   In standard Zoes fashion (and Perry’s propensity for the best), the courses, from apps to dessert, were exquisitely prepared by Chef Jesse Wykle and precisely paired with a vertical of Palmaz Cabernet Sauvignon (2010/11/12) by Sommelier Marc Sauter.  Once again Zoes General Manager Angela Jackson made certain that every element of the evening was perfectly appointed.  What better way to motivate, enjoy & discuss our future as a team.



Zero Point goes to iFly


Mid-week we teamed up with Bob Pizzini of iFly Virginia Beach ( to relocate a day of our strategic planning forum to his facility.  Bob, the CEO of iFly (a retired Navy EOD operator and good friend), provided us with not only a great conference facility to host our planning sessions but also the experience of indoor skydiving through the use of their five-story advanced vertical wind tunnel reaching speeds of up to 180 MPH.  That’s a pretty dynamic environment I’d say.   The facilities and the hospitality of the folks at iFly gave our team everything we needed to both work hard and play hard all under one roof.   “Highly recommended, a Top-Notch operation.  Plus it’s right across the street from CP Shuckers!”


Jenn, Bryant, ac & Scott



Top Notch Boat Crew


The R&R (Reeling & Rolling)


To wrap up the week we decided to pull in as many Zero Point Team Mates as possible and do a little internal competitive sport-fishing.  Anyone who knows anything about fishing the Norfolk Canyon, 70 miles off the Virginia coast this time of year, knows it’s about as dynamic an environment as one can find…6’-8’ swells, hence “Rolling”.   Our four Boat Crews headed out for the day trying to win one of four categories: Biggest Fish (right, mine’s bigger than yours argument), Most Caught, Most Unusual thing caught, and the elusive Atlantic Offshore Grand Slam. While there were no grand slams there was some good fishing, hence “Reeling”.  Every boat team made it safely back to the dock with plenty of Wahoo and Mahi to go around.  There were two citation worth catches, a 35 lb Wahoo and a catch and release White Marin.  The White Marlin won the largest fish caught.  One boat caught ~52 Mahi (think they lost count after 20…Bloody Mary’s that is, confirmed pier-side, both Bloody’s and Mahi).  There were Tuna (juveniles) and even a Barracuda that made for the most unusual catch of the day.Gone Fishing!



It was a great week with folks from every corner of Zero Point coming together as a team to chart our course for the future.  There is a lot of exciting news to be announced over the coming months as Zero Point prepares for a very exciting 2016 and beyond.   Oh, and we’re looking to open up the fishing tournament to other friendly companies next year and make it both fun and charitable.  Stay tuned.

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