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Zero Point Unveils the New Patent-Pending Bumper System for the World's Most Capable EOD Disruptor at SOFIC 2017

July 5, 2017 by Mika Lucio

Upgrade Your TiTAN Disruptor for Enhanced Performance


SOFIC Zero Point Booth 2017Recently Zero Point attended the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference known as SOFIC. The event was held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. Attendees at the international conference and trade show consisted of key decision-makers and top constituents brought together to explore the evolving needs of Special Operators. Zero Point was on hand for another year in a row to exhibit the latest advances in explosive ordnance disposal innovations.


While Zero Point's exhibition the previous year was centered on the evolution of EOD, this year we shifted our focus to highlight the diverse set of capabilities offered by our firm. Having celebrated 10 years in business in 2016 provided a great opportunity to share with the Special Operations Community how the company has been able to sustain in a highly-competitive and niche industry. Zero Point products are #ABLE (and in more ways than one!)


One of the most recent innovations by Zero Point in a continuous list of developments by our CEO Perry Sasnett, our engineering team and product SMEs is the New Bumper System for TiTAN. The Bumper System was developed to address several different needs expressed by the EOD community in the realm of disruption such as intense recoil in confined spaces and over-pressure.




Our team of experts at Zero Point listened to the customers, heard their demands and took the time to develop an effective solution to improve the performance of the TiTAN, filling a need where other competing brands of disruptors have failed to do so. The tested Bumper System was initially introduced earlier this year at Operation Red Rock, an Advanced EOD Bomb Training Workshop in Utah and the feedback from end-users was positive.


WATCH: NEW Patent-Pending Bumper System for TiTAN Test Video



In addition to presenting the new Bumper System for TiTAN, the Zero Point team was available at SOFIC to answer questions about additional products from our unique categories to include: Access, Diagnostics, Software, Survival, and other versatile innovations with multiple applications such as the TNT Knife and TIGR Hook.


Of course, discussing gear is always awesome, but we did set some time aside to have a bit of fun at SOFIC hosting a beer keg with commemorative cups in which charitable proceeds were donated to three different organizations: The EOD Warrior Foundation, The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and SEALKids. We also had some classic Zero Point swag available for booth visitors to take back home in order to rep ZP all over the world.


If you had the opportunity to stop by our booth, thanks a million! We appreciate your support. If you didn't, there is time to Save the Date as our team will be checking into the upcoming ADS Warrior Expo East to be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center on July 13TH and 14TH. Stop by and meet the Zero Point team at Booth #1430

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