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  • EOD Tools-Zero Point TiTAN Disruption System

    2017 is the Year of the TiTAN


    As Zero Point celebrates 10 Years in business and a long history of product innovation alongside EOD expertise, the team has declared 2017 as the Year of the TiTAN and fitting since it is the only product of its kind. The full name of the device is Titanium Target Acquisition & Neutralization Disruption System...

  • Zero Point to Demo at Operation Red Rock Advanced EOD Training Workshop

    Introducing the TiTAN Disruption System


    The team from Zero Point will be attending Operation Red Rock next month in Utah. The workshop intends to provide bomb technicians with the opportunity to view and demo the latest EOD equipment. The workshop will include breakout sessions (training lanes) for attendees who will get the chance to spend 4-hours in different training lanes where they will be able to get hands on experience with EOD equipment by industry leaders. 

  • EOD Tools-Custom EOD Tool Kits for Military and Law Enforcement

    Custom EOD Tool Kits for Military and Law Enforcement


    Zero Point, a proven leader in service, excellence, and product innovation is proud to offer a selection of custom EOD Tool Kits, Access, Diagnostic and Disablement products for Military and Law Enforcement applications. Used by Military Bomb Technicians and Law Enforcement Bomb Squads, explosive ordnance disposal tool kits allow operators to complete their missions safely and effectively. 

  • Zero Point Wellness Program

    13 Days Later - Interactive and Focused


    by: Stacy Sasnett


    We are 13 days into the Pilot ZP Wellness Program and I’m happy to report that the participants I have interacted with remain focused. There are a total of 13 participants in three different states: VA, NC & NV. We have the perfectly diverse team to go through the pilot course, I’m confident we will pave the way for the rest of the year and especially the official launch of the ZPWP on Match 1, 2017.

  • Zero Point Product Evolution

    The Bale Hook Knife by Zero Point


    One of the cornerstones of Zero Point is product innovation. Known as a leader in explosive ordnance disposal products and services, Zero Point is always looking to improve the functionality of the brand’s EOD Tools which are widely used in Explosive Ordnance and Special Operations commands around the world. The Zero Point’s Bale Hook Knife is one such product that has recently been improved to enhance performance.

  • Zero Point Introduces Wellness Program

    Challenging Employees to Accomplish Personal Fitness Goals


    Recently Zero Point launched a company Wellness Program, promoting fitness and consuming a healthy diet. In a move to support employees with conquering their goals, the company decided to challenge staff to “Do it and do it NOW!” as Chief Administrative Officer and resident fit mom Stacy Sasnett told the team at Zero Point.