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Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Programs

Contracting Vehicles

Zero Point EOD equipment, tool kits, and accessories are available to authorized Military, DOD, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Contracting vehicles are available to help you with streamlining the procurement process while managing resources and budgetary constraints effectively. Learn about how Zero Point USA supports Special Operations equipment requirements through our strategic partnerships. 

Special Operational Equipment (SOE) TLS Program

Fire and Emergency Services (FES) TLS Program

The SOE TLS Program allows authorized DoD, Federal, and approved federally-funded agencies access to purchase commercial off the shelf (COTS) parts as well as NSN items within the scope of the contract. The FES TLS Program supports agencies whose mission involves firefighting, crash rescue, hazardous material response, or emergency medical services. Equipment, Training, and Logistics Support: Communication Equipment, Lifesaving – Search and Rescue, Load Carrying Equipment, Survival Gear and Kits, Tactical Protective Equipment, Vision Enhancing Equipment, Personal Protection Equipment.

Zero Point works with all current TLS awardees to support customer requirements:


                       POC:    Ashley Brady

                                   Special Missions Solutions (SMS)

                                   Market Manager

                                   (757) 416-6386






                        POC:    Jeff Madrigal

                                    EOD & Special Operations

                                    Director of Sales

                                    (757) 630-5095






                        POC:    Rich Poland

                                    Account Manager Navy Shore / SOCOM

                                    (619) 708-6800






                        POC:    Rebecca Curry

                                    TLS Contract Manager

                                    (540) 434-8974 x4243




                        POC:    Government Sales

                                      (910) 944-8500 option 1