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How do I purchase products? 
Please give us a call at 757-721-6601 to place an order. For more information on departmental, agency purchases, and available contract vehicles, please visit our 'Procurement' section on the main menu.

Where do you ship?
We ship worldwide unless otherwise restricted due to hazards and technology. 

Are your products Berry compliant?
We are pleased to offer Berry compliant options for all kit configurations. Please contact us with your requirements.

Are there ITAR restrictions on your products?
Some items may be ITAR restricted. Any item restrictions are identified on the specific product page.

Who can buy your products?
Zero Point products are available to authorized Government and Law Enforcement entities including Military, DOD, and Federal Agencies. There are a few exceptions where some products may be available for purchase by the general public. Please contact us with questions about any of the items listed on our website. 

Why can’t I buy your product online?
We will be launching our online store soon! Join our mailing list to receive updates and a special invite when the store is live. In the meantime, check back often to learn more about our products and services. 

Why can’t I buy certain items?
Due to the  nature of our products, some items are exclusively available to authorized Government and Law Enforcement agencies. 

How is my information collected and used on your site?
We respect your privacy. Please visit our Privacy Policy to learn more.  

Are you hiring?
Please visit our Careers Page to find out about any current opportunities with Zero Point Incorporated.