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ZP understands the challenges of system engineering and integration. ZP works with government and industry partners to assist in translating user requirements into solutions and, more importantly, transitioning those operationally relevant, technically feasible and timely state-of-the-art solutions to the SOF Warfighter. The ZP team has an ongoing role with the Government to assess and determine the probability of success for implementing different technological approaches to satisfy SOF Warfighter needs. ZP’s extensive experience with:

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Manufacturing process
  • Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E)
  • Risk management

ZP has developed and continues to refine a load-out of highly capable field tested Access, Disablement, Exploitation and Survival systems to support the full gamut of SOF/EOD actions before, during or after an assault. These capabilities are equally suitable for conventional EOD actions. 

Our fully customizable access tool sets provide the full level of capability (1st/2nd/3rd Line) and are methodically packaged to allow for rapid of tool identification and use. 

Our tactical pull-line series is specifically engineered to meet dismounted EOD operational requirements for quickly and effectively conducting remote pull procedures on suspicious items or ordnance and is widely employed throughout the multi force EOD community. 

The ZP Combat Exploitation (CEx-E) kits provide individual operators with the necessary equipment to conduct combat exploitation. Compact yet robust, these kits provide the capability to sample, verify, desensitize and package suspect hazardous liquids and dry materials for transport and disposition. 

Our survival kits contain tools and information for gathering/catching food, collecting/purifying water, finding shelter, building a fire, signaling, navigation, and first aid. 

“ZP responds rapidly and effectively to requests for support, delivering results and products exceeding expectations; they are a long term partner to the US Government with a proven track record of delivering results.  Their expertise has been critical to developing and delivering new and unique capabilities to the war fighter.” – Assistant Program Manager SORDAC-SW/PMCPHQ USSOCOM

ZP has developed the lightest, most versatile EOD Disruptor employed throughout the services. Specifically developed to meet the varying demands of both general and precision IED disruption, it is capable of utilizing all existing OEM disruption 12 ga rounds. Whether general or precision disruption is required, robot deployed or man carried, on land or at sea, TiTAN is not only the most versatile and capable disruptor system ever created, but the most tested, being fully WSESRB and Military Technical Acceptance Board (MTAB) approved for field use.


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  • We are commited to kitting and manufaturing exceptional products.
  • We use high caliber engineering and sourcing capabilities for our gear.
  • Our strategic partnerships with our key distributors are continuously reinforced.
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  • All comments and questions submitted are personally read and addressed by leadership on a daily basis.
  • In-line and product changes are made based on customer feedback.