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Survival Kit Master


Product Number: ZPSURV103XX

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Have the right gear when you need it with the Zero Point Survival Kit Master

Zero Point is the original organizer of survival systems with eight years of providing critical combat survival systems.

The Survival Kit Master is the first and only all-encompassing Survival, Signal, Escape, and Evasion System. It contains an array of high-quality components tucked neatly inside individually organized compact pouches all housed in a high quality soft case and available - no wasted space, no extraneous gear - just the essentials of what you need in a survival situation. A one-time issue item meeting Individual, Unit, and Theater Commander requirements, made to sustain you throughout your career from extended training events, to combat, to overseas travel, natural and manmade disasters, and everything in between. 


(1) Zero Point digging implement

(1) Zero Point credit card lock-pic set

(1) Leatherman Squirt

(1) Zero Point Survival REF sheet

(1) Medical Pack

(1) Fire & H20 pack

(1) Signal/Navigation pack

(1) Multi-configurable

 Subject to Change



7.5" x 5" x 2"


3.5 lbs.

Multiple Colors:

  • Coyote Brown
  • MultiCam
  • Ranger
  • Cop Black
  • ARID – NEW!!!

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